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Air Root Pruned Seedlings can jump start acorn production
Posted by: cmorse ()
Date: September 14, 2008 06:16PM

Morse Nursery Air root prunes all of it's seedlings to help our plants break their juvenile phase to produce at an earlier age. Let's talk about this subject to learn more. Thanks in advance for all your questions. Charlie Morse

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Re: Air Root Pruned Seedlings can jump start acorn production
Posted by: Craig ()
Date: May 27, 2010 04:28AM

I saw what you mean on the seedlings I bought this year. While the root ball is small, there are dozens & dozens of fine roots on each and every one. Should also greatly help with first year survival.

I was impressed enough with those root pruning nets the root system is in I've been doing some searches on the web regarding it.

Found one place selling such nets & some funny "root trapper" pots.

Would planting seedlings started in your netting into a 5" wide root trapper netting be worth the added time & handling? Would a larger size of netting be better instead?

Got this idea to late to try with the seedlings I ordered this year, but interested in regards to maybe giving this a go with trees I order next year, or perhaps for a fall planting.

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