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Dwarf Chinquapin X Gambel Oak
Posted by: Craig ()
Date: May 27, 2010 04:51AM

Hi Charlie,

I planted those Dwarf Chinquapin & Gambel Oaks I ordered this spring in a 20' X 20' two row planting.

In a few years when both get to bearing well I'm hopeful we can get some acorns that will be a cross of the two shrub Oak types.

In order to try to improve the odds of getting such a hybrid would it help to try to pick all the pollen stems of of one of the two types? If yes would it be better to do this to one type over the other or won't it matter?

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Re: Dwarf Chinquapin X Gambel Oak
Posted by: Craig ()
Date: March 04, 2011 06:09PM

I thought I'd give a follow up on how these did when planted.

I"m happy to tell you that 100% of the seedlings grew, better than I expected but very welcome.

Planted in a N-S configuration with the Dwarf Chinquapins to the West in one row & the Gambel oaks in a row parallel to them about 15' to the east.

It's my hope that closely planted like this that in another 6-7 years I'll be able to start looking for hybrid producing acorns.

Will give me another interesting thing to do/watch for in my little wildlife planting.


It would appear that both of these oak types are of the kind to "sleep or creep" the first year. The most any of them grew was perhaps 4". However, several that got stuck in pots for a few weeks before I could plant them out show why I think. I removed that little netting wrap from all these when planting, even in the pots. When I went to plant out the ones in the pots, I was quite surprised to see a few roots that had reached the bottom or the sides near the bottom. While the pots were not large, about 2 qt. size, that still is fast root growth for the time they had. So I'd guess these little seedlings grew, but not where much of the growth can be seen.

So for anyone who intends to give these a trial, don't expect much or any above ground growth in the first year.

But I do think they'll do far better this coming summer with the roots established now.

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Re: Dwarf Chinquapin X Gambel Oak
Posted by: cmorse ()
Date: March 06, 2011 02:04AM

Yes, some times they do lot's of work under ground before they send a hormonal message to grow wood. The very first dwarf Chinkipin oak I ever planted stayed 1-2' for two years then grew to 3'4' and had acorns the following season. Great little oaks to have for wildlife. Thanks for the update it's nice to see posts that everyone can read and learn from.

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