Temporary environmental shipping containers
Ok, you've made the decision to purchase Morse Nursery Select plants grown in air pruned jiffy plugs or patented Roottrapper Bags and now there going to be shipped to you using nothing less than what could be the most over engineered packaging process in the plant industry! We also know you wouldn't have it any other way!
Air pruned seedling plugs
  • Air Pruned Seedling is individually bagged to retain moisture.
  • shipping picture one
  • Seedling then placed in laser cut Styrofoam shipping saddles.
  • shipping picture two
    Once packed and boxed these seedling can virtually travel end over end to your home and be in perfect planting condition when they arrive!
    Roottrapper bagged Plants
  • Roottrapper bagged plants are individually boxed with the original soil the seedling grew in at the greenhouse.
  • shipping picture three
  • Roottrapper bagged plants are then box in box packaged in groups of ten in the final shipping container.
  • shipping picture four